About Us

CIVIC Legal LLC began with the common vision to return to the fundamentals of lawyering, a passion in developing the law. This vision is shared by all four founding directors: Michael Eu, Abdul Salim, Edwina Fan and Gloria Lee.

The word “CIVIC” bears testament to our commitment to the law and our civic duty to serve others as a citizen and a lawyer. As a boutique practice that serves our clients’ need, CIVIC Legal LLC is committed to providing top-notch legal services and forging strong ties with our clients. The word “CIVIC” is also a palindrome, a word which is spelt the same backward as forward, signifying our belief in balance, fairness and equality.

Scales and a Gavel

Our Cases

The founding directors have handled several landmark cases, which are reported in the Singapore Law Reports, that have influenced the insurance landscape in Singapore. We have also assisted insurers in their investigations and successfully defended against fraudulent insurance claims.

Separately, we regularly conduct seminars and work-shops related to insurance matters. We are also the main contributors to a book, Legal Aspects of Insurance, which serves as a study guide for the Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management Programme of the Singapore College of Insurance.

In this ever changing legal landscape, we constantly strive to innovate, positioning ourselves to offer the best solution to any dispute. Our dynamic set of lawyers endows CIVIC Legal LLC with the ability to meet these challenges and to satisfy our clients’ legal needs

Our Logo

Embedded in our logo is the Roman numeral 4 (“IV”) in white, representing the 4 founding directors. White represents a fresh start, a new beginning and purity. Immediately following the “IV” would be an “I”, in burgundy, which is also the Roman numeral 1 signifying unity and oneness. The colour burgundy is carefully selected to represent blood and vitality. The colour of our blood is the same across the human race.

Civic Legal LCC

As a firm, we strive to provide a family friendly work environment that inspires and nurtures. As Aristotle once said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Together, the elements of our logo are visually bonded by the deliberately inverted “C” and “L” that forms brackets, signifying closeness and togetherness. Collectively as a firm, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advance the development of the law and to provide solutions for our clients.

Nestled between the brackets are the symbols ‘IVI’ resembling the letter ‘M’ which together with ‘E’,’G’ and ‘A’ are the first initials of the 4 founding directors of CIVIC Legal LLC.

Strategic Alliance with Messrs Richard Wee Chambers of Malaysia

CIVIC Legal LLC (CIVIC Legal) and Messrs Richard Wee Chambers (RWC) are pleased to announce a collaboration empowered and driven by the passion of law and the commitment of effective services for our clients, commencing from the 14th July 2022.

This strategic synergy will establish cross border cooperation between the two law firms particularly in the area of Sports Law, and the teamwork is expected to greatly assist the burgeoning sporting community in the region. In tandem with that, this regional synergy will also include Litigation, Advisory and Corporate services.

This alliance will encompass cultivating the professional development of the respective lawyers and enhance the expanded expertise to better serve our respective clients.

CIVIC Legal is spearheaded by four directors with extensive experience in commercial and civil litigation as well as criminal law, particularly matters related to Insurance, Personal Injury, Industrial Accidents, Commercial disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution which includes Mediation & Arbitration  and Sports Law. CIVIC’s Directors serve the community, holding prominent positions in relevant organisations in Singapore and regionally.

RWC on the other hand, is an established law firm with wide-ranging services including litigation, corporate and property conveyance. They have received awards, nominations and ranked by Legal500 respectively in the areas which include Sports & Esports, Fintech, Industrial Relations, Corporate & Dispute Resolutions. RWC’s Partners also serve the community via a few relevant organisations.

This alliance is a convergence based on the principles of integrity, diversity & wisdom; and heralds the beginning of future joint alliances with other firms across the region. Together, the firms anticipate that there will be a continuation of growth and further accomplishments.